While we all look forward to our next batch of home brew our busy lives leave little time to plan our next recipe. Here a Nu Home Brew we have combined our extensive knowledge of beer ingredients and styles to build some awesome recipes just for you.

“Beer of the Month” will be a beer recipe released at the beginning of each month, hand crafted by the team at Nu Home Brew. These recipes will be available in extract and all grain versions, pre-built and ready for pickup. Unfortunately this means you will no longer have an excuse to postpone a much needed brew day.

We can also package these for shipping! Contact us on our Facebook page to set it up!

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September Beer of the month is a classic German styled Marzen, more commonly known as an Oktoberfest beer. As the days grow shorter and colder this malty beer style is sure to be the perfect addition to one last BBQ or a staple beverage to enjoy throughout the football season. $27.95 for all grain and $35.95 for extract recipe. October Beer of the Month: Imperial Brown!
As the nights get longer and darker we believe the beer you drink should follow suit. This month we have created an Imperial Brown Ale that has a full body and complex malt character sure to blow away its low alcohol commercially produced relatives. $41.95 for extract kit, $28.95 for all grain.Want to kick it up a notch? Try adding some oak chips or a vanilla bean soaked in your favorite whiskey!


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November Beer of the Month: Milk Stout!

Unlike most stouts this recipe has a healthy addition of lactose sugar giving this beer a full bodied creamy mouth feel creating a perfect balance with its toasty backbone.


December Beer of the Month: Witbier

Nu Home Brew is dreaming of a wit Christmas with this tasty style emphasizing a Belgian yeast strain with orange peel and coriander. Best of all this recipe has been designed to be ready to drink quickly, making it a perfect complement to your Holiday events!

Just $31.95 for extract recipe or $23.95 for a

It’s January which means a new Beer of the Month!
American ESB

Extra Special Bitters (ESB) are great but here in the northwest we do things our own way. Using carefully moderated additions of Centennial, Amarillo, and U.S. Golding hops we have created a beer that pushes through bright notes of the individual hops without overpowering its natural malt character.

Extract: $40.23 All Grain: $32.30